From Worship Experiences

Outdoor Worship at Lewis Center UMC

This last week we went to our first in-person outdoor worship service at Lewis Center United Methodist Church.  We hadn’t worshiped with a congregation since the beginning of March. This was the second outdoor worship service for Lewis Center.  They have two huge, wonderful shade trees on a large lawn.  The lawn gently slopes down …

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Low Battery or Not Plugged In

Today when I tried to use the mouse on my computer, it wouldn’t work.  I decided it had a low battery and replaced the battery.  But it still didn’t work.  Then I noticed that the wireless receiver for the mouse wasn’t plugged in.  If it isn’t plugged in, the mouse can’t communicate with the computer.  …

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No Other Gods Before Me

In my morning devotions today, I read Exodus 20, which contains the 10 Commandments.  As I read the first commandment again, “You shall have no other gods before me,” it hit me in a new way.  This is why I read the Bible over and over – because you never know how the Holy Spirit …

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