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Strange Stories in the Bible

Last Sunday, Pastor Phil Rode started his sermon by talking about some of the strange stories in the Bible.  He mentioned lots of difficult and strange stories that we often skip over in our efforts to understand the Bible.  We tend to disregard anything that doesn’t fit our interpretation of facts or events.  Here are …

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Christian Witness Too Subtle

I am very concerned about my Christian witness and I have always been.  Can people around me tell that I am a Christian?  Am I sharing Christ’s love and helping people see Jesus as I go about my daily life?  My Christian witness has never been “preaching on the street corners” bold.  I’m too much …

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Palm Sunday Outdoor Worship

Last year on Palm Sunday all the churches were closed because of the pandemic.  This year things are still different – some churches are closed and some are fully open and many are trying something in between – but things are getting closer to normal.  Although Tom and I are not yet fully vaccinated, we …

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