Cross Creek Camping Resort

The Fantasy of Lights welcome at Cross Creek
Santa relaxing outside the festive office
Cross Creek is an award winning park
You can see how tight the campsites are when the park is full
Our rig in a corner pull-through – site 300
Some people put insulation board around the bottom of their RV to keep it warm
Other full-timer rigs
Two people live full-time in this tiny trailer
Empty spots – they won’t be empty in the summer!
There is a nice dog park
The very important propane tank where we can get our small tanks filled
A “mining” camp for the kids in the summer
Cross Creek offers aluminum and plastic recycling, which is unusual for a campground
A really nice playground and big pool

When we stayed in Delaware previously, we have been at Alum Creek State Park.  We stayed there for a week during Thanksgiving, went to Akron, and then came back to Delaware.  During December we decided to stay at Cross Creek Camping Resort which is across the street from Alum Creek State Park.

There were two things that made Cross Creek preferable to Alum Creek for the three week stay.  First, Cross Creek has full hook-ups.  Alum Creek only has electric.  We can live on our tanks for a week, if we are careful, but it is a pain to move the RV just because we need to fill up with fresh water or dump the gray water.  At Cross Creek we can fill up the fresh water tank and dump the gray or black water without leaving the site.

The second reason to stay at Cross Creek was the propane.  We have needed to fill up one of the propane tanks every five days.  Cross Creek sells propane, so we just take the tank down to the office and get it filled.

An added bonus is the staffed office.  Alum Creek doesn’t keep its office open in the winter.  You register and pay by dropping an envelope with a check in a slot.  We weren’t sure that anyone got the payment until the check was cashed because no one brought us a parking or camping pass.  Cross Creek has generous office hours with someone who can answer questions, address concerns, or just chat for a few minutes about stuff that is going on.  I like handing my payment to a person instead of dropping it in a slot.

During the summer or fall, we would definitely stay at Alum Creek because Cross Creek is twice as expensive and is trailer-to-trailer people.  We stayed here a couple of nights last summer and there were too many people too close together for our liking.  But during the winter and spring, Cross Creek’s rates drop so they were only $1 more per night than Alum Creek.  The conveniences are definitely worth it.

We have enjoyed our stay at Cross Creek very much during the month of December.  There are lots of other people staying at the campground – it is the only full hook-up campground within commuting distance of Columbus in the winter – but they are quiet and friendly. The staff here at the campground have been wonderful and very helpful.  We have really enjoyed being in the middle of the Fantasy of Lights.  We plan on making this the place we stay every December when we come back to Ohio.