Crowded Cross Creek Campground

Lot of pretty flowers at Cross Creek

When Tom and I are in Ohio we usually stay at Cross Creek Campground.  It is located just west of Alum Creek in Delaware, so it is close to John and Jackie and to my parents.  Cross Creek is also close to Columbus, with all its shopping and restaurants.  But we don’t usually stay at Cross Creek in the summer.  In fact, the last time we were in Ohio in the summer was 2014, the year we retired.

Plans change, and ours certainly did this summer.  Instead of spending four months in Europe, we stayed longer at Fort Frederica and are now based in Ohio for the rest of the year.  Plans may change again, but we are spending at least July and August at Cross Creek.

When we stay at Cross Creek in April, May, November or December, it is busy, but not crowded.  Usually, during those months, it is about half full.  But the summertime is another story completely.  And, despite Covid-19, Cross Creek was crowded over the 4th of July weekend.

Early morning is a good time to walk
Our little slice of private space

Now, Cross Creek is doing a good job of enforcing new regulations during the pandemic.  Each camping space has its own green area, and you aren’t supposed to walk through that area or intrude.  If you want to go in the Campground office and store, you have to stay six feet apart and only two at a time.  You have to reserve a time to go swimming with a limited number of family groups at a time.  No splashing or roughhousing.  Quiet times between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.  People here are following the rules pretty well.

Walking on the trail is a good way to get away

Nevertheless, the campground is crowded.  After being the only people in the RV spaces at Fort Frederica, it feels almost claustrophobic.  Last weekend every camping space in the campground was full to capacity.  And the campground across the street at Alum Creek was also full.  There were people everywhere!

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but it was too crowded for me.  And that is the problem with campgrounds, especially on holiday weekends.  You don’t have any control over how many people are close by or who they are.  Fortunately on Monday half of them left, and Cross Creek returned to its normal, busy self.  Unfortunately, today (the day I’m writing) is Friday and the campground is full again.