Curatorial Building Gets New Roof

Over the weekend, the curatorial building at Fort Frederica National Monument got a new roof.  It really needed a new roof.  The old, shingle roof had spots that were leaking, and it was covered with moss.

So, early Saturday morning, a roofing crew came and started working on the roof of the curatorial building.  I have helped with enough roofs with mission projects and Habitat that I know how hard a roof can be.  I am always impressed with the people who do it professionally.  They climb up to great heights and move around fearlessly.

The roofing crew that worked on the curatorial building was no different.  The crew didn’t have to tear off the old shingles.  Instead, they put a layer of plywood on top of them and then attached a metal roof to the plywood.  By Saturday evening, it looked like they were mostly done.

Sunday they came back and worked the full day again.  Even though they finished the metal roof, there were still lots of details – caps and gutters.  I noticed when they left on Sunday there was one section that still needed a cap, but they probably ran out of materials and will finish that as soon as they it.

The men worked all day, both days, in the blazing sun on the hot metal roof.  It was close to 90 both days with the usual high Georgia humidity.  They only time they were in the shade was during their lunch break.

The new roof on the curatorial building looks great.  It is good to know that our collection of thousands of artifacts will be protected by such a good-looking roof.