Dutch Treat Country Store in Rose Hill, Virginia

Tom and I had only been at Cumberland Gap for a few days when someone told us we had to go to Dutch Treat Country Store.  They recommended we go on a Thursday and have the sandwich of the day, a BLT that was the best ever.  We filed it away but didn’t wait long to act on the advice.  Dutch Treat is now our favorite store in the area.

Dutch Treat Country Store is a Mennonite store, bakery, and deli.  It is family owned and run.  The first time we were in, Tom spent a while talking to “Grandpa” Sam Yoder.  The second time his son was running the register and the young grandson was walking around saying hi to customers.  Everyone has been very friendly no matter how busy they are.

The bakery makes all kinds of goodies.  We have samples peanut butter bars, brownies, apple rolls, and orange juice cake so far.  The orange juice cake is moist, sweet, and just a little tart.  Perfect!  We just get a slice when we go, but I am looking forward to when some friends come to visit and we can buy a whole one.  Each time we go there is a different selection of baked goods but you have to get there early to get the best items.  I don’t have any pictures of the baked goods.  I was probably too busy drooling to take some.

I got the BLT when we were at Dutch Treat Country Store last week on a Thursday.  It was as good as everyone claims.  The lettuce and tomato were fresh and the bread was homemade and thick-sliced.  The best part was the 1/3 lb of crispy, chewy bacon.  Delicious!  Tom really likes the chicken salad from the deli.

The store has all kinds of other foods:  homemade puddings, cheeses, locally grown meat, flour, syrups, jellies.  They also carry Walnut Creek potato chips.  We were hoping for Walnut Creek cinnamon rolls when we first went in, but their baked goods make up for the lack of cinnamon rolls.  We also appreciate that their prices are very reasonable.  They are less than the bakery and deli at Kroger.

Tom and I are limiting ourselves to visiting once a week.  The store also closes at 5, which means we can’t stop by after work.  Probably a good thing because otherwise the strawberry pie would be calling my name every day.