Fitzys Diner: Open 24 Hours!

Before Jackie and I went to see “Beauty and the Beast” last week, she took me to brunch at Fitzys Diner.  The original Fitzys Diner address is 1487 Schrock Rd. in Columbus.  Fitzys is one of the few places in Columbus open 24 hours.

When Jackie said we were going to a diner, I pictured something that looked like a diner.  A stand-alone restaurant with booths and stools at a counter.  The inside of Fitzy’s Diner looked like that, but the outside was an ordinary storefront in a shopping center.  It turns out this is a second Fitzys Diner.  The first is so popular that the owner, Juan Murcia, opened a second in the Carriage Place Shopping Center on Bethel Rd in 2016.  John and Jackie had been there a few times, including late on New Year’s Eve.

Fitzys Diner specializes in diner food:  burgers, fries, and milkshakes.  Liver and onions are a house favorite.  Because we wanted brunch, I ordered french toast with bacon and eggs.  Jackie had an omelet.  They had some homemade cake and pie that looked good, but I was full from the good breakfast.  The food is inexpensive and home-cooked.  The service is fast and efficient, which I appreciate.

The second Fitzys Diner on Bethel is in an excellent location.  It is within a stroll of the Cinemark 12.  I often want some food when I come out of a movie, but usually all the restaurants are closed by the time a movie lets out.  Fitzys being open 24 hours will be a plus for it.

You won’t get fancy food at Fitzys, but you will get good food, cooked well, at any hour of the day or night.  If you live in or visit Columbus, try one of the two locations and tell me what you think.