Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church

We arrived in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island last Friday (ferry ride post in a couple of days).  One of the first things I did after we got settled was look for a church to attend.  There are two mainline Protestant churches on the island:  Episcopalian and Presbyterian.  We decided to try Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church first.

I looked at the Friday Harbor Presbyterian website and Facebook page.  Both looked good with lots of information.  One thing was missing, however.  One very important thing.  No worship time.  The worship time is not listed anywhere on the website.  I looked in every category.  Tom looked.  They list a youth worship time but no regular worship time.

Argh!  One of my pet peeves.  If you don’t list a worship time on your webpage, you are basically telling visitors to buzz off.  You might as well have a neon sign saying “Visitors NOT Welcome.”

So I called the phone number for the Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church.  A very nice voice told me to press 1 if I needed aid, press 2 to speak to the youth pastor, . . . . I finally got to the option for worship time – press 6 – pressed it, and then was told “Your call is important to us, someone will be with you shortly.”  Then I was told “No one is available to take your call right now.  Please call again.”  None of which, of course, was the worship time.

I called back and this time pressed the option to be connected to the Pastor’s cell phone.  But, again, I got the same “Someone will be with you shortly” message.  At the end of the message the call disconnected.  So much for my call being important!

Tom and I decided the worship time must be after the youth service time. Sunday morning we arrived at the church slightly before 10 (notice the worship time on the church sign).  We were warmly greeted and enjoyed the worship service very much.  It seems like a really nice congregation and the pastor has a conversational style.

Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church will get another chance. We got a nice e-mail from the church Administrative Assistant in reply to a slightly snarky e-mail from me.  We enjoyed worshipping there and they invited us to come play dominoes on Friday night.

But I hope they fix their web page soon!