Fridays Crabhouse in Friday Harbor

Sign on the upper deck at Fridays Crabhouse

We arrived in Friday Harbor on a Friday.  On Saturday we met our friends, Val and Johnny, in town for supper.  None of us had ever had a meal before in Friday Harbor and we didn’t know any of the restaurants.  We walked around and checked out a few menus.  We noticed all the restaurants that close at 3 p.m.  And we finally ended up at Fridays Crabhouse, right beside the ferry landing.

Fridays Crabhouse has an extensive seafood menu.  The highlights include local Dungeness Crab and fresh, locally caught salmon.  Unfortunately I have a sensitivity to shellfish and don’t really like fish.  Fortunately the Crabhouse also has some other sandwich options.

The burger line

Unlike most other restaurants in Friday Harbor, you order from the menu by standing in line at “the Gazebo” and then they bring your food to you.  The first time we went there, we stood in the Gazebo line to order but were told to go to the burger line.  So Val and Johnny stayed in the seafood line and Tom and I headed down a level to the burger line.  Then we found a table where we could sit together and enjoy the view of the harbor and the ferries coming and going.

The food came to our table quickly.  It is served in plastic baskets with waxed paper and a minimum of plasticware.  Everyone thought their choices were delicious.  The price was reasonable, compared to other seafood places on the island.  You have to pay $1 per pop refill.  But the thing we liked best was the view.  Fridays Crabhouse has outdoor seating on three levels.  They also have a small indoor seating area but so far we have been able to enjoy the outside each time.

We have been there with Johnny and Val
Eric and Sandy
Grilled chicken with fries
Tuna steak
Grilled salmon

We have now been to Fridays Crabhouse four times.  My third time I ordered a BLT and this has been my favorite sandwich.  The bread is toasted just right, the bacon is crisp, and it is light on the mayo.  Perfect.  I have tried french fries, onion rings, and coleslaw as my sides.  All have been tasty and none of the servings were too large.

I’m sure we will eat at Fridays Crabhouse many more times before we leave the island.  The food is good and the view is terrific.