Frostys Griddle and Shake on St. Simon’s Island

Tom and I recently ate, for the first time, at Frostys Griddle and Shake.  The first two years Tom and I were on St. Simon’s, we enjoyed eating periodically at Dairy Queen.  It was centrally located close to the pier, so we would park, walk there for some ice cream, and then walk around the pier and oceanfront park.  Last year, unfortunately, Dairy Queen closed.  But Tom and I were glad to see that the people who owned Southern Soul bought the building and were planning on opening a burger and shake place.

Of course, we had to try Frostys Griddle and Shake as soon as we got to the island.  We headed there for lunch.  I was expecting an old-fashioned diner atmosphere, but instead the inside looked exactly like it did when it was Dairy Queen.  The menu was almost the same as well, although things had different names.  No blizzards – but there were limited flavors of Frostys.

Tom ordered a chocolate shake, cheeseburger and fries.  I ordered two pieces of fried chicken and coleslaw.  They also serve Southern Soul pulled pork sandwiches, which tempted Tom.  The shake came right away and was creamy and thick.  The food, however, took over 20 minutes to arrive, which seemed like a long wait for “fast food.”  Tom blamed it on my fried chicken.

When the food came, it was very hot and fresh.  I took the skin off the fried chicken so it would cool faster but it stayed hot a long time.  Tom said the burger was okay, but not as good as a regular Dairy Queen burger.  The chocolate shake was made with chocolate ice cream.  Tom – a connoisseur of chocolate shakes – prefers his made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.  The fried chicken was very good but I only eat fried chicken once a year or so.  The fries were crinkle fries from a freezer bag. The prices were double what we would have paid at Dairy Queen but there is island inflation everywhere.

Tom and I agreed we would go back to Frostys for ice cream but probably not for food.  We are still looking for the best burger on the island.