Gramma Sharon and Pit 105 Barbeque

Tom and I spend lots of time in Williston, North Dakota.  We go there at least once a week to do laundry and grocery shopping.  Two local restaurants that we enjoy are Gramma Sharon and Pit 105 Barbeque.  Of course, the restaurant we eat at most is Culver’s.  Love their fresh, fast food and I can get ice cream.  Last week we took two seasonal rangers there who had never eaten at Culver’s!  Gasp!  But, I’ve written about Culver’s before and their food is as good as ever, so no need to write about it again.

Grandma Sharon

We drive past Gramma Sharon every time we go to the laundromat and it is always busy, so we decided to try it.  Anything with lots of pick-up trucks first thing in the morning has to be good!  The only problem was deciding whether to go for breakfast or lunch.  Gramma Sharon is only open until 3 p.m.  They open at 6 a.m., however, so plenty of hours to eat there.  After looking at the menu and plenty of debate, we decided to try breakfast.

Breakfast turned out to be delicious!  Tom ordered an omelet and had the option of getting full-sized or half-sized.  He was pretty hungry, so he ordered full-sized and then had so much left over he had it for another meal.  I got chicken and waffles.  I’ve never tried that combination before – or had fried chicken for breakfast – but it sounded really good.

We both really enjoyed our meals and got plenty to eat.  I also got a cinnamon roll to go.  The waitress had said they were so good she was sorry they had them.  I had half of it for supper that night and it was good, but not the best.

One of the things I liked best about Gramma Sharon was the old pictures on the wall.  I walked around and looked at all of them.  I enjoyed envisioning Williston as a much smaller community before all the oil booms.

Cows at Grandma Sharon
Chicken and waffles
Super-sized omelet
Cinnamon roll to go
Inside Pit 105
Pulled pork
Brisket and cornbread muffin
Sauce selection

Another local restaurant that we enjoy is Pit 105 Barbeque.  It is good barbeque in a warehouse style restaurant.  You order at the front and they bring the food out to you.  The food was good and the brisket and pulled pork were tender and moist.  There was quite a selection of sauces so you could go with sweet or hot or a combination.  I especially liked the cornbread muffin.  I don’t think it is real cornbread unless it has kernels of corn in it and this muffin did.  Yum!

Pit 105

The only ding that we have with these two restaurants is the price.  Williston is an oil boom town and the prices reflect it.  They are at least a third higher than they would be in a comparable town somewhere else.  They are close to tourist prices.  One of the men at church was complaining about the price of breakfast at Gramma Sharon’s.  He said it was so high it was on his “no go” list.  We are willing to pay more for good food, so it probably won’t deter us from eating at either place again.

Williston has plenty of chain restaurants, so it was nice to find a couple of local places we could enjoy.  We hope to eat at both of them again before we leave.