Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio

Tom and I recently visited the Groovy Plants Ranch.  We have been building up the landscaped beds in our yard, and wanted some daylilies.  Our usual nursery, Hoover Gardens, didn’t have a good selection of daylilies, so I called several places to see what they had.  When I called Groovy Plants Ranch, the woman on the phone said she didn’t think they had any, but she would ask.  She asked someone standing nearby and he said they had hundreds of daylilies.  That sounded promising so we decided to make the drive.

We pass the road for Groovy Plants Ranch every time we go to Mom and Dad’s.  It is out in the country, but close to the I-71 exit for OH 61.  We stopped by there one day last year, but couldn’t find a parking place so we left.  This second time we visited there was a Deputy from the Sherriff’s Department directing traffic.  This was a Friday in the early afternoon.  The parking lot was full and the overflow parking across the street was nearly full.  Fortunately we have a little car and were able to squeeze in.

Groovy Plants Ranch is one of the biggest retail nurseries in the area.  It is also one of the busiest.  Our primary search was for daylilies but I had a couple of other things on my list as well.  We found the perennial section, but couldn’t find any daylilies.  I asked one person, who said they worked in vegetables.  I asked another person and she said she worked in annuals.  Finally I asked someone who knew where they were – on the other side of the nursery.

Tom and I walked along until we found the daylilies.  They had about 20 different kinds with lots of selection.  We picked out 10 plants and put them on our cart.  I also wanted some creeping myrtle which is an evergreen ground cover.  Again, I was sent several different places before I found someone (the owner) who said they didn’t stock it because it was so invasive.  We decided to be happy with our selection of daylilies and headed for the checkout lines in the front of the property.

Groovy Plants Ranch was started by Jared and Liz Hughes in 2015.  At first they only intended to sell plants wholesale, but the online and retail side of the business really took off, especially during the pandemic.  So many people have rediscovered gardening as a hobby and Groovy Plants has a huge variety of vegetables and flowers for shade and sun.

Tom and I would love to go back and wander around some time when it isn’t as busy, but I’m not sure when that would be.  Winter?  In the meantime, we know where we can find some wonderful daylilies and a variety of other flowers.