Happy Thanksgiving!

Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.Today is Thanksgiving, and – for the first time – Tom and I are working.  Yes, the Visitors Center stays open even on Thanksgiving.  There are people here with family who are enjoying the day together, walking, exploring history, and being thankful that they do not have to fight a battle.

Tom and I are thankful for many things also.  The pumpkins above list many of them – the standard blessing list – but no less precious for being something to give thanks for every day.  We are also thankful to be able to work together.  To be able to enjoy the National Parks in our retirement.  To have ways to help people.  When we go home we will enjoy a small meal together and call our family.  We are thankful to be able to do that.

God has blessed us in so many ways.  Being able to write this blog is a blessing.  Having someone read it is a blessing!  So today I am also thankful for you.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  And take a moment to share with me (and other readers) some of the ways in which God has blessed you.