Hickory Hut BBQ in Salina Kansas

Last week I wrote about traveling across the slow roads to Kansas.  When we arrived in Junction City, Kansas, we parked the RV.  The brake actuator needed to be replaced.  While waiting on the brake actuator, we explored a little further afield than we had on previous trips to Junction City.  One of the places we found was Hickory Hut BBQ in Salina, Kansas.

We originally drove back to Salina to visit the “2nd Friendliest Yarn Store in the Universe.”  Although the yarn store was permanently closed, we found the #1 BBQ place in Salina:  Hickory Hut BBQ.

Hickory Hut BBQ is locally owned and operated and is one of a kind.  It is a small restaurant located on a side street with limited parking.  When we went there, we couldn’t find a place to park on the block.  Fortunately there was a community park across the street and we parked there, then walked back to the restaurant.

Inside, Hickory Hut BBQ was just as busy as indicated by the lack of open parking places.  We studied the menu while standing in line to order.  I ordered the rib basket which had three large pork ribs, baked beans, and texas toast.  Tom ordered the chopped pork sandwich with potato wedges and coleslaw.  Fortunately a table opened up just as we finished ordering.  Otherwise we would have had to eat in the park!

Both our meals were delicious.  The ribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender and the texas toast was perfectly grilled.  Tom really liked the chopped pork and his sides.  We ate every bit of our food.

Lakewood Wildlife Sanctuary

The decor in the restaurant is basic diner with booths and tables.  You get your own drinks and condiments with a choice of BBQ sauces.  We enjoyed the old-time pictures on the walls.  They didn’t seem to have a theme but were fun to look at.  After lunch we stopped by the Lakewood Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy a nice walk on a beautiful day.  We needed to work off a little of our lunch!

We understand why Hickory Hut BBQ is the #1 BBQ place in Salina.  If you are driving by on I-70, you might want to plan a stop at this small restaurant for some of the local and delicious BBQ.