Hidden Objects Challenge Winner

I recently decided to do a first ever contest on my blog, in honor of (almost) three years of writing the blog.  Your challenge:  identifying the hidden objects in my bucket.  The contest closed on April 30 and today I announce the winner.

Congratulations to Kristin Burkey, winner of a $25 Google Play gift card!  (Not everyone has an iPad or iPhone – who knew?)  Kristin’s list was so complete, she found stuff I forgot I had in the buckets.  She must have enlarged the pictures and really studied them.  I commend her on her detail work.  If I ever want something done with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, I know who to call!

Kristin was also the only one who answered the bonus question:  what did I pick up most?  I intended the answer to be “cigarette butts.”  But several people (Tom) mentioned that there were more pine needles than anything else.  I didn’t pick up the pine needles on purpose – they just came along with some of the other stuff I picked up.  It probably, however, is the correct answer.  At any rate, it is the answer that Kristin gave.

Thanks to everyone who took the hidden objects challenge.  It was fun to hear from you and read your lists.  You all did a great job.  Special honorable mentions go to Caitlyn Edwards, Betty Clymer, and Kris Moye for your lists.  Sorry – honorable mentions just get the shout-out, not a prize.

I don’t know if I will do another contest – who knows what the future holds?  But I appreciate those of you who took time to look at the pictures.  I know some of you decided sending a detailed list would take too much time.

Enjoy your gift card Kristin.  (I will mail it after I pick it up tomorrow.)  You earned it!