High Desert RV Park

Anyone from Ohio knows that January is the coldest, grayest month of the year.  We headed southwest on December 30 to try to get away from the gray of December (the cold wasn’t too bad) and it seemed like we ran into one storm front after another.  Indiana – freezing and gray.  Missouri – gray.  Oklahoma – freezing and gray.  Texas – freezing snow and ice.  Finally we got to New Mexico and woke up to a day that was so gorgeous we just couldn’t move on (see previous post).  So for two nights we stayed put at High Desert RV Park in Albuquerque New Mexico.

RV parks in the west that are right off the interstate tend to resemble parking lots.  The sites are pretty evenly divided between seasonal / long-term campers and short-term people like Tom and I have been.  High Desert RV Park resembled a parking lot and about half the sites were filled with seasonal / long-term campers.  But it was also a very nice place to stay with friendly staff and easy pull-through sites.

Really cool steel horse at the entrance to High Desert RV Park
Our very nice, sunny spot
Some empty spots with seasonal campers in the back
Neon Route 66 sign (with moon) taken from Sonic

High Desert RV Park was medium sized (only 75 spots) and was one of the least expensive RV places we have stayed.  It was spotlessly clean.  There weren’t a lot of amenities but we never spend much time at the RV parks anyway.  One amenity that we liked was the large propane tank directly across from our RV.  We filled one of our tanks which was nearly empty after all the cold nights.  The woman in the office said they had gone through 900 gallons of propane in 5 days because it had been so cold.

High Desert RV Park is just off historic Route 66 which had some cool neon signs over the road.  We watched the moon come up and ate supper at Sonic on Route 66.  The RV park was one of the things we really liked about Albuquerque and we will probably stay there the next time we travel along that part of I-40.