Las Vegas Baby!

We have been in Las Vegas for a few days prior to heading into Death Valley for our three months of volunteer work.  We are getting a few things done and taking time to enjoy being in the city – which means not even driving down The Strip.  We have been to Las Vegas several other times and spent enough time near the shows, casinos, and fancy hotels.  So this trip we have been at an RV park on the southwest side of town and have been hanging out where the “real people” live.

We got the RV and truck washed.  This RV “resort” has companies that come to your site and wash the RV.  They will also wax and detail the RV and even clean the carpet inside.  We stuck with just getting the wash.  It was fun to be inside the RV and watch everything getting shiny and clean.  There were miles of dust and dirt on the outside.  Thanks to Red Rock RV Wash for doing such a great job at a reasonable price.

Red Rock RV Wash did a great job
A view out the sudsy window
The RV next door was getting washed by the same company
The truck also got a much-needed wash
Oooo – it’s so shiny!
The young man who made our RV and truck sparkle

We took the truck in for its 7500 mile service – already!  By the time Tom and I walked to Panda Express for lunch and walked back the truck was finished.

We stocked up on enough groceries for two+ weeks, filled up both the diesel tanks (112 gallons – yikes!), and saw a movie.  Tomorrow is church, eating at a restaurant, and then lots of phone calls.

The place we are staying in Death Valley is one hour from the closest grocery store and gas station.  No stores or restaurants.  We have also been told we will not have cell phone service or internet at Grapevine Canyon.  So no texts, calls, e-mails, or blog posts until we figure that out.  I have some posts scheduled for the next week and hopefully we will find a place where we can get a cell signal before too long.  I’m not sure how long we can survive without the internet.

This has been our most enjoyable trip to Las Vegas.  The weather has been so beautiful we have felt (a little) guilty.  It’s 0 in Ohio and 60 and sunny every day here in Las Vegas.  We’ve gotten a lot done and had time to relax and appreciate being in the city:  one last blast of civilization before we move to the middle of nowhere.