Letters to London: Jr Rangers Write

As my final post on Fort Frederica this year, I wanted to continue the tradition of sharing Letters from London.  As you may remember, the Fort Frederica Jr. Ranger program is different from most parks.  One of the activities in the Jr. Ranger program is writing a letter home, as if you are a colonist or soldier at Fort Frederica.  This year I once again selected the best of the letters.  So here are more Letters to London (I left the spelling and grammar up to the kids).

Dear Mother,  It is hard to describe life in Frederica.  The air is very hot and humid.  I’ve caught deadly malaria and I am dying.  I wish you luck in London.  Sincerely Arnold Humble

Speaking battle wise it’s not so bad.  We are getting the Spanish to surrender.  Lately we have only had 12 injured and 5 passed.  We are living well in the barrack.  Everyone is just fine.  It’s a little slow on farming though.  I hope to write again and see you soon.  Love, Soldier Shuman.  P. S.  Lots of mole holes and sand nats.

Dear Mr. Fexstone, I am writing from my hut here in Fort Frederica.  I just recenly arrived and have not yet acquired the means to purchase a brick house and establish myself.  The bugs here are quite frightful.  I find myself getting eaten nonstop.  Sometimes the locals can be a trifle menacing.  Hope all is well.  Do write back.  Sincerely, Lydia.

Dear King George III,  Frederica is a very beutiful place (very violent though!!)  It is a interesting place.  IT IS HOT!  I am sweatin like a pig.  Bye Bye.  Sincerely, Josephine Beal

Dear Nana, The cropps are growing nice the days are getting windeyer and windyer.  Mom has been saying “do not ever go in that neen old mans yard” but Cora and I cant stop.  One time Cora hit him with a stick.  We ran for our lifes.  Scool been well.  Dads been training me how to be a soldeir.  Well that all.  Hope to come back to London soon.  Bie.

To:  King George.  Send more guns and ammo right away.  The natives are fierce.  JR Smith

Dear Timothy, I am building my palmetto and building the village with everyone.  It is great here!  The weather is great and there are lots of trees!  I’m exited to start my new life!  Sincerely, Loretta