Ligonier Tavern and Table Restaurant

On the day Chris and Bill and Tom and I went to Fort Ligonier and the Compass Inn, we ate at Ligonier Tavern and Table Restaurant.  On our previous visit to Ligonier, Tom and I waited too long to pick a restaurant.  I got to the place where I was too hungry and cranky to decide and we ended up eating at Subway.  This time Chris and I picked out a place to eat while we were still in the Visitors Center at the Fort.

The Ligonier Tavern and Table Restaurant is located just off the historic square in Ligonier.  The setting is a restored Victorian home, with an outdoor deck upstairs.  There are also rooms for group meals upstairs, which I think is a lot of work for the waitresses.  I almost ran into one of them as they were carrying dirty dishes down the stairs and I was heading up to go to the restaurant.  Obviously the rooms upstairs are not handicapped accessible.

We decided to take a table next to a fireplace.  Most of the rooms had two or three tables occupied.  So it was busy enough without being too busy.  The Ligonier Tavern has operated in this location since 1927, but it has been under different owners.  The most recent ownership change happened in December.

The specialty of the house is burgers, so we all ordered a burger.  Most of the choices were double patties.  We asked the waitress about the size and she said each patty was three ounces and they were very thin.  I’m not sure her information was accurate because, when they came, each patty looked closer to six ounces.  Tom had a specialty burger that only had one patty, and his was eight ounces.  I mention all of this because I would have been happier with half the meat.

But the burgers and fries were excellent.  The burgers were juicy and very tasty.  The fries were fresh and also very good.  Chris’s burger was so juicy that her sandwich kind of slid apart and she ended up eating it with a knife and fork.  Even though there were delicious-looking homemade desserts, none of us ordered one because the burgers had been so big.

I would definitely eat at Ligonier Tavern again, but I would insist on only one patty.  I might even share a burger so that I could try a dessert.  Desserts aren’t listed on the menu because the dessert list changes daily.