Little America in Wyoming: A Haven for Travelers

When you drive through Wyoming on I-80, you invariably see billboards advertising Little America.  The signs are as ubiquitous as “See Rock City” or “Cold Water at Wall Drug.”  Wyoming can be a long state to drive through so it is good to have an anticipated rest stop.  Although Tom and I had driven through Wyoming many times, our stop at Little America was our first.

On days when we are pulling our RV, I pack a lunch so we don’t have to stop at a particular time.  Consequently the only breaks we take, especially when we have a distance to travel, are restroom and fuel breaks.  We even try to fill up with diesel after we unhook in the evening so we don’t have to pull into a station that can’t accommodate our big rig.  We pulled into Little America to take advantage of the facilities and to stretch our legs after a couple hours of driving.

Little America has something for everyone.  They call it a travel oasis and it is a welcome place to stop.  There is a hotel, restaurant, convenience store, truck stop, repair shop, gift shop, and playground.  One of the billboards advertises “ice cream cones for a quarter” which I’m sure is an incentive to stop for many families.

The Little America Travel Center is located in the center of the property.  There are 16 fueling islands, a Snack Bar, and parking spaces galore.  Little America is the only thing at the exit, so it is easy off and easy on.  There was plenty of room for us to park our big rig.  We walked around the parking lot but it was so windy we quickly headed inside.

After checking out the convenience store and gift shop (all kinds of Wyoming tourist stuff) we walked past the hotel.  The hotel is huge with 140 rooms.  It did not look like the original hotel which opened in 1934.  There is a heated outdoor swimming pool and plenty of other amenities.  They advertise themselves as Wyoming’s premier hotel and they even have a conference center.


As I mentioned, Wyoming is a big state with a small population.  Little America is located at exit 68 on I-80 and is a welcome place for a break.  It isn’t really close to anything – 150 miles east of Salt Lake City, 300 miles west of Cheyenne, and a few hours from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks – so it is nice to see this travel oasis along the interstate.