Looking for Some New Authors to Read

Although Tom and I are continuing to work during our time of self-isolation, I have had a lot more time to read.  I am sick of watching television – nothing worth seeing here – and have streamed most of the stuff I feel is decent.  Unfortunately, my favorite authors are not writing new books at the speed I can read them.

Yes, I have read all 50 of the “in Death” books

So I am looking for some new authors to read and thought you, my loyal readers, might have some suggestions.  It might be helpful to know what I like to read.  I like books that have a happy ending.  In fiction I read mostly mysteries (that get solved), thrillers, and some romance.  Again, I don’t like books, especially fiction, that have tragic endings.  I once read a book that was 400 pages long where the heroine died at the end and vowed I would never read another book by that author.

I also read a lot of non-fiction.  Biographies and historical works.  I especially like books that highlight the contributions of women.  I have read more than my share of books on the history of knitting, weaving, or spinning.  Humorous writers, memoirs, and travelogues are also kinds of books I like to read.  Books about faith – living it or finding it – are good.

Just started this series. Heavy on weaving, light on mystery.

I enjoy series.  If I find an author I enjoy, I read as much as I can by him or her.  Some examples of series authors that I enjoy:  Nevada Barr, Donna Andrews, Kelley Armstrong, Lawrence Block, Steve Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, and J.A. Jance.  I loved Sue Grafton and was so disappointed that she never finished her series to “Z is for . . .”

Found this book through the Goodreads Choice Awards. It won in the Thriller category.

The Goodreads Choice Awards are an excellent way to find new authors.  With almost 5 million people voting in 20 categories, the winners tend to be books that I would enjoy.  If you aren’t a member of Goodreads, I really recommend it.  Add me as a friend!  I like being able to rate the books I read, write reviews, and read the reviews of others.

What new (to me) author do you recommend?  Who is your favorite mystery writer?  Romance writer?  Biographer?  I’d love to have a conversation with you about books you thought were worthy of a read.