Low Battery or Not Plugged In

Today when I tried to use the mouse on my computer, it wouldn’t work.  I decided it had a low battery and replaced the battery.  But it still didn’t work.  Then I noticed that the wireless receiver for the mouse wasn’t plugged in.  If it isn’t plugged in, the mouse can’t communicate with the computer.  Once I plugged in the receiver, the mouse worked fine.

Sometimes it feels like we have a spiritual low battery.  Maybe worship feels boring or devotions feel like they aren’t helping you see God at all.  We may feel burned out or used up and we wonder what is wrong.  Especially now with online worship services, we may feel that something is missing.

Usually, the problem is that we aren’t plugged in to God.  Somehow our connection has been interrupted and we just aren’t communicating.  We need to get plugged in again, but it can be harder than plugging a receiver into the computer.  We need to find a way to receive the messages God is constantly sending us.

Sometimes we can get plugged in again by trying something new.  I am always impressed with people who manage to stick with a church no matter who the pastor is.  During the six years Tom and I have been retired, when we don’t like the pastor, we just go to another church.  We haven’t been anyplace long enough to get connected to a church.  If a particular pastor’s style isn’t working for you, or your church’s online worship services are baring, try something new.  I’m not saying change churches – just watch a different service, or attend one of the drive-in services for a week or two.  Sometimes that is all it takes to get plugged in.

Another thing you might try is looking for the ways God is speaking to you throughout your day.  Deliberately listen and see if you can hear God speaking.  Is God’s voice in the song of the birds that wakes you too early in the morning?  Can God be speaking to you in a flower or through the laughter of a child?  Is God present in the tears of someone who is grieving or the irritation of your boss at the fifth teleconference of the day?  If we pay attention to little things and deliberately listen for God’s voice, we can hear him speak in so many ways.

If you are concerned about a low battery, are you getting enough sleep?  These are stressful times.  Many people are having to be full-time employee, full-time parent, full-time spouse all from the confines of a full-time house.  It can be overwhelming.  Cut yourself some slack and go to bed early or sleep in late or take a nap.  Sometimes our batteries get low because we are really trying to do too much.  God can help you bear up under the burden, but you have to recognize when it is too much.

Try talking to someone about how you feel.  We might be embarrassed to admit to a pastor that our spiritual energy is low, but the pastor should be sympathetic.  I don’t know any pastors over the age of 40 who haven’t struggled with staying plugged in to God.  A parent, a church friend, a mentor, a spiritual director can each be a good sounding board to help you find out where the trouble lies.

Finally, take some times to read the Bible or listen to some spiritual songs.  Having my heart turn to God in song is one way I get plugged in again.  I know my low battery is recharging when I can start to sing joyfully along with the song I’m listening to.  I especially like to sing along to songs that have Bible verses in them.  Singing them embeds them in my heart and helps me stay plugged in through tough times.

I am praying for you during these difficult times.  May your low battery be recharged and may you find ways to stay plugged in to God.   I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13