East Beach St. Simon’s Island, My Happy Place

During the last six months, East Beach on St. Simon’s Island has been my happy place.  Tom and I go there at least once a week.  We try to hit the beach during low tide for two reasons.  First, there is more beach so it is easier to social distance.  Second, the beach is more interesting with so much of it exposed.

Once we got to the beginning of May, St. Simon’s Island got crowded.  People had stayed away in March and April, but those who booked rooms or houses started to show up in droves.  East Beach at high tide is very crowded, especially on Saturdays.  We made the mistake of wanting to walk on the beach one Saturday and couldn’t find a parking place within a mile.  So we went home.

We like to walk on East Beach.  At low tide a round trip walk from Massengale Park is about 3.5 miles.  I bought some water sandals and like to wade in the waves, especially now that it is REALLY hot on the island.  But there is usually a breeze that makes the heat bearable.  Another thing we really like about walking on the beach is the lack of mosquitoes and marsh flies.  Nice to walk where nothing is trying to bite you.

We see lots of interesting things on the beach.  People.  Sand castles, creatures.  So I am going to finish this post with pictures of things we have seen on East Beach during the last six months.  You might notice there are lots of pictures of us.  I take a selfie every time we walk on the beach.  Thus, we are some of the things seen on the beach!

For those of you who are missing your beach vacation this year, here are some pictures of my happy place over the last six months.