Maple Street Biscuit Company

Recently we went to St. Augustine and arrived just in time for lunch.  As you know, we like to eat local, finding restaurants that are unique to an area.  St. Augustine has many great choices and we decided to try Maple Street Biscuit Company.

Maple Street Biscuit Company started out in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2012, so it is a new kid on the block.  Although they have several restaurants in different locations, they do not consider themselves a chain.  They serve the unique population in each of their areas.  Three core values define each of their restaurants:

  • Comfort Food with a Modern Twist
  • Immaculately clean store
  • Gracious Service

Because we have never eaten at Maple Street Biscuit Company before, we asked the woman at the counter for some help.  All of the sandwiches are served on biscuits.  Most of them come with bacon and maple something.  All of them use the freshest local ingredients so sometimes they are out of something.  On the day we went, they were out of chicken salad.  There were still lots of delicious sounding items on the menu!

After we all ordered, the woman at the counter asked for the name of our autobiography.  I had to ask her to repeat the question because I didn’t understand it.  She said that our order would come up under the name that we gave our autobiography.  Tom came up with the quickest answer, so our order was “Wild Thing.”

When we got our orders, everything was wonderful.  The biscuits were high, moist, and flaky.  Dad had a fried chicken biscuit with bacon covered with maple syrup.  Tom got the fried chicken biscuit covered with sausage gravy.  Mom had a BLT biscuit with maple butter.  I got a fork fresh salad, served in a mason jar, with maple vinaigrette.  I also enjoyed the drink cups, which featured conversation starter questions.

Outside tables
Our inside table
Discussion starter cup
Sausage gravy
Fried chicken biscuit
BLT biscuit
Salad in a mason jar

The food was delicious and unique.  Definitely southern comfort food with a modern twist.  We all tried some of Tom’s sausage gravy, which tasted even better than it looks.  The Food Network’s “Guilty Pleasures” program featured Maple Street Biscuit Company and I can certainly understand why.  Eating here every day would be hazardous to your health, but it is a wonderful place to eat as a special treat now and then.  If you travel to St. Augustine (or Jacksonville) I urge you to try it.