Marcella’s: Sharing Life Over Plates

For a recent dinner out, Tom and I met John and Jackie at Marcella’s Restaurant at Polaris.  Marcella’s is a Cameron Mitchell Restaurant, which always makes it sound fancy.  Tom even considered wearing something besides shorts.  Marcella’s does take reservations, but most Columbus area restaurants do.

We have driven by Marcella’s many times but never ate there.  Cameron Mitchell recently opened his 100th restaurant, Cento Italiano in German Village, so it seemed appropriate to eat at another one of his restaurants.  Cameron Mitchell is a Columbus restauranteur known for his classy dining establishments and excellent food.  He opened his first restaurant in 1993 and his restaurants now are big business.  Cap City Diner is another Cameron Mitchell restaurant that we really like and I wrote about it hereRusty Bucket is a restaurant chain that is also part of Cameron Mitchell.

Marcella’s is a fresh Italian restaurant.  Although there are several of them, it is not a chain and is a couple of steps above Carrabbas or Olive Garden.  The restaurant itself is spacious with an old-world feel.  Tom and I were seated promptly when we arrived and our server was efficient without being obtrusive.  When John and Jackie arrived we ordered and then enjoyed talking until our food came.

Tom and John both ordered the Four-Cheese Tortellini.  I ordered Pasta Your Way with whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, and chicken.  Jackie ordered Caprese and a meatball.  All of the food was very good.  I think John and Tom came out best with their tortellini but it was all fresh and delicious.  The meatball came in its own little pot which helped keep it warm.  All the meals were served with warm Italian bread.

Pasta your way
Meatball pot

We really enjoyed our meal at Marcella’s.  The food was delicious and reasonably priced.  I also really liked the atmosphere, although it was a little loud like a lot of restaurants today.  The place was really busy so reservations are a good idea.  If you have a chance to eat there, I’m sure you will enjoy your meal.