Master Bath Remodel Is Done (Almost)!

When Tom and I moved into our little house, we agreed that the first big project would be to remodel the master bath.  Although everything worked, I just didn’t like the look of it.  You had to have an instruction manual to flush the toilet and the door wouldn’t close if the vanity drawer was open even 1/4 inch.  Six days after we moved into the house, we had a renovation contractor come out to look at the bathroom.

Original vanity
Couldn’t open door on bottom linen cabinet
Screams 1980

We used Rob Trace, of Urban Craft Renovations, who was recommended by John and Jackie.  He had remodeled the master bath in their old house.  He came out and gave us a bid which we accepted.  We signed the contract in September.  The week before Thanksgiving Rob told us he was ready to start.  But, at that time, Covid numbers were soaring and we realized we just weren’t comfortable having a lot of strangers in and out of the house.  At the last minute, we asked Rob to postpone the job until later and he graciously agreed.

In March Rob contacted us again and asked us if we were ready to go forward.  With the numbers down and covid vaccinations under way, we agreed.  Demolition started the first week of April and the renovation continued through May.  Rob is a very laid-back guy, which was good for us because he was willing to postpone the job.  But it also means we couldn’t be in any hurry for the job to be done.

The demo got done one week.  The drywall was installed the next week.  Then the drywaller came back to repair some stuff the week after that.  The tile guys came the next week and started.  It took them two weeks to get everything done.  Rob installed the toilet but the vanity was the wrong color and had to be repainted.  Rob custom built the vanity and the medicine cabinet, so no more hitting the door on the vanity drawers.  Yay!  The vanity sink and countertop took longer than expected to be delivered.  Jackie and I did all the painting in between the other things.  The paint job looked so good Rob offered us a job.  When everything else was done, I did some touch-up painting and then Tom installed the towel bars and mirror.

Clean and ready
Lots of evening painting
Drywall repairs
Getting shower ready for tile
Tiling begins
Tiling complete
Vanity and medicine cabinet installed
Shower fixtures
Countertop and sink

Fortunately, Tom and I have another full bathroom in the house so it wasn’t a hardship to be without the master bath for so long.  We really admired Rob’s patience with his workers and his suppliers.  We are still waiting for the shower door which is supposed to be installed sometime this month but will be done after we have left for North Dakota.  Over the course of our contract – between signing it in September and getting everything done in May – building materials have almost doubled in price.  We are glad we signed the contract in September!

Rob has done a beautiful job and we are really happy with the way the master bath remodel turned out.  We will be happy using it for many years to come.

Finished! (except for shower door)