Moo Cow Ice Cream on St Simons Island

Last week Tom and I tried a new ice cream place, Moo Cow Ice Cream.  I usually get my ice cream from St. Simons Sweets, but it was very busy, so we decided to walk to try the new place.

I had been wanting to try Moo Cow Ice Cream ever since it moved into its new shop on Ocean View Boulevard three years ago.  But, with one thing or another, I just hadn’t made it there yet.  Moo Cow Ice Cream has been on the island for ten years, but only in its current location for three.

The shop itself is tiny, located in a former gas / service station.  There are two coolers full of ice cream.  One has local favorites and the other has ice creams made by the owners of Moo Cow.  The first cooler has the “normal” ice cream flavors and the other one has unique and unusual blends.  The unique blends include Chocolate Diablo (chocolate and chili powder), Honey and Lavender, Candied Bacon, and RoseBud.

I selected one ice cream scoop from each cooler.  I got a dark chocolate from the “normal” flavors and Nolan’s choc n choc from the other.  Nolan’s choc n choc was delicious!  Creamy, chocolaty, without being too much.  I’ve been wanting to go back for another scoop every since I tried it.  Tom liked it so much I thought he needed to get his own scoop (and stop eating mine)!

A very popular flavor of ice cream on the island is “Cookie Monster.”  I haven’t had it, but it is bright blue with cookie dough.  We see kids with blue faces after eating it all the time.  I’m not sure what flavor the ice cream is – vanilla with blue dye?

St Simons Sweets may have lost an ice cream customer.  Moo Cow Ice Cream is now my favorite ice cream on the island.