Ohio to Erie Bike Trail in our Backyard

One of the reasons we bought our little house was because of the Ohio to Erie Bike Trail in our backyard.  To get to the trail all I have to do is go out the backyard and cross US Route 3.  Granted 3 is a very busy road, so I wait and watch carefully before crossing the road.  But I love having the Ohio to Erie Bike Trail so close to our house.

I have been walking a part of the trail every morning.  In fact, in the month we have lived in our house I’ve only missed three mornings.  One was right after I hurt my back and the other two were when it was pouring down rain.

Once I cross the road I can go north or south on the trail.  If I go to the north, it is exactly one mile up to the next road crossing and one mile back.  So I can get a good 2 mile walk in without thinking much about it.  This kind of walk works best for me first thing in the morning.  I don’t have to think about whether or not I am going or where I am walking.  I just lace up my shoes, head out the door and go.  36 minutes later I’m back.

I can also head south on the trail.  It is 1.25 miles down to the next road crossing, so I do that about once a week when I want a little extra walk.  I can get a longer walk in by walking around either Char Mar Ridge Preserve or McNamara Park which border the trail.

The Ohio to Erie Bike Trail is a wooded path.  It follows Route 3 very closely in Westerville.  In fact, just a few miles south it enters the developed part of town and leaves the woods behind.  I don’t enjoy that part of the trail as much.  I will probably like it better when the days cool down a bit.  Tom and I are looking forward to exploring the area by riding the tandem.  So far we have been too busy with yardwork and moving people.

Being able to get out every morning and walk on the trail starts my day off right.  I use the time to pray or listen to music.  When I get home, Tom and I are ready to start our day together.  I am thankful the Ohio to Erie Trail is in my backyard.