Retirement – Day 1

Retirement Day 1 feels amazingly like a regular day off.  Yesterday I worked all day – an internment of ashes, sitting with a man whose wife died suddenly, visiting in the hospital, visiting a woman on hospice care.  In the evening Tom and I went to the men’s softball game and watched the men get thoroughly trounced.  I talked to the pastor who is following me and told him “good luck!”

Done.  Finished.  That’s a wrap.  Several people yesterday asked if Tom and I were heading out now that I was done.  Unfortunately Tom still has to work through the end of July, so we will stay in the immediate area for now.  Today he is up at NASA and I have had the RV to myself.  Let’s see how I am doing on my list of things to do today:

Clean the RV  (I can clean it myself in 1/2 hour – I love living here!)

Scan in cards people sent for retirement

Scan in journal entries from 2006 (I’m getting there – just a slow scanner)

Take out the trash

Finish writing thank you notes

Balance checkbook

Take a walk

Write blog post

Use the stove (my second attempt at cooking on the gas range was frying an egg.  Turned out fine)

Practically perfect fried eggs
Practically perfect fried eggs

Read a book

Grocery shopping with Tom  (have to wait until he gets home)

Figure out how to defrost refrigerator

Okay – looks like I’m doing pretty good on that list.

Today I am taking it easy.  I have a long list of bigger projects, but figured I would start with the small, doable-in-one-day projects so that I could relax and still feel like I accomplished something. If I figure out how to defrost the refrigerator (not the freezer) then I can spend the time until Tom gets home reading a book.  Sounds good to me.  I don’t have to do everything in one day – or even one week.  I’m retired!

  • johnbhartley

    No pepper on those fried eggs? Hope you at least buttered the pan 😀

    Oh and also, congrats on your first day of retirement!

  • Mary Schadle

    Sounds like you’ve had a great first day of retirement and it’s only 3:00. Enjoy!

  • Dawn Mckeel

    Hope all your retirement days are just good! 🙂

  • Annette Dimond

    It’s called retirement for a reason. Move reading that book to the top of your list tomorrow and relax a little before you start your new adventures. . . oh, wait. . .forgot who I was talking to for a moment. Relaxing is not relaxing to you, is it? On second thought, double that list.

  • revkaren54

    Thanks everyone. Annette, you always make me laugh!

  • Ronn Cort

    Very egg-citing.