Santa Fe Skies RV Park in New Mexico

Before I finish talking about Santa Fe and New Mexico, I want to mention where we stayed during the five days we were in Santa Fe.  Santa Fe Skies RV Park was not our first choice for staying in Santa Fe.  In fact, we tried two other RV parks before calling Santa Fe.  But, because of the Balloon Fiesta, no one else had an opening.  We were starting to think we might have to skip seeing Santa Fe entirely.

But Santa Fe Skies RV Park had an opening and was able to rearrange things a little so we could stay in one site for five nights.  Although the park was a little pricier than we are used to ($60 per night), we were glad to have a place to stay while we explored the city and the surrounding area.

Located just south of the city, Santa Fe Skies RV Park sits on a hill in a residential area recently carved from surrounding ranches.  The RV park is on the edge of development for the city.  It is also conveniently located just south of the I-25 and US 599 intersection.  US 599 skirts Santa Fe going north so we could avoid most of the city traffic when we headed that direction.

The office

Santa Fe Skies RV Park is just as quirky and fun as the rest of the city of Santa Fe.  Although the RV spots are very close together, there is plenty of room to maneuver.  All the streets are named after flowers.  Yucca Drive is the area where long-term RVers live, while the flower area has the short-term visitors.  Every day we would watch big rigs pull in and out.

The Santa Fe Skies RV Park is solar powered and has a walking trail, but aside from that it is pretty basic.  There are some fun elements though, and the park is beautifully landscaped.  A large collection of antique vehicles decorates the grounds.  One of the owners is a metal sculptor and his artwork adds touches of whimsy and fun.  Each piece also has a price tag, so you can buy the works of art if you want.  We, of course, didn’t have room for any of them in our RV.

Antique truck
Fire engine
Old ranch engine
Metal butterlies
Some of the sites
Nice landscaping

Tom and I didn’t spend a lot of time at the RV park – too many things to see around the area.  But we did enjoy the time we were there and found it a convenient home base while staying in the area.