Signs Everywhere We Go

In 2015 I wrote a post about signs along the way: some of the signs we had seen in various places in our travels.  Since then we have seen a lot more signs.  In fact, we see signs everywhere we go.  Big signs, little signs, signs of hope, signs of despair, signs of warning and signs of celebration.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the signs we have seen.

Tom and Karen at the Grand Canyon of Minnesota
This moving gate will pinch you
This moving gate will whack you
If you are trying to get a thrill while in a wheelchair
From the TV show “Bob’s Burgers”
Watch out for that saw taking off your foot
I get a charge out of this sign

Stick figure warning man made plenty of appearances.  We also saw humorous signs and some where we wondered if the intention was humorous.   Some signs are temporary and others permanent.  Some of the signs are ironic and some are just strange.

Because it is too bumpy to go fast
We are in the south, so it makes sense
A series of signs by Glory Vegetables coming out of Myrtle Beach
Somebody at this park has a sense of humor
Not a sign, but still pretty strange
So what day is it open?
No middle ground here
I’m glad someone does
Minnesota humor
A flood zone is a strange place for a parking lot
One more stick figure warning man appearance

Enjoy these signs.  We see signs everywhere we go.  Do you?