Super Duper Everything Party

Tom and I were only in Ohio for two weeks between the time we finished at Fort Frederica and leaving for San Juan Island.  Much too short a time.  We were not able to see everyone we wanted to see or do all the things we wanted to do.  Tom and I had to fit everything into a short time period, so one of the things we compressed were the summer celebrations.  We had one Super Duper Everything Party and invited everyone in the family.

May and June in the Clymer / Hartley / Sager family are like Christmas.  Everyone in the family has a birthday or is graduating or has an anniversary.  And, of course, there are Mothers and Fathers Days.  In order to celebrate everything we had one big blowout party.

Good food
Cutting the cake was a group effort
The “kids” table
The “big kids” table
Anniversary couples

Everyone gathered at Mom and Dad’s last Saturday.  We were missing four of the kid generation, but the rest of us proceeded to have a wild time Clymer style!  Everyone filled out a star for their birthday.  In the next year we have people turning 16, 18, 21, 30, and 60.  All pretty significant birthdays.  We had a wonderful lunch with everyone bringing something, finished off by a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

After lunch we played some special games.  First up were the anniversary couples with an “oldy-wed game” fashioned after the Newlywed Game.  John and Jackie are celebrating 5 years, Steve and Kathy are up to 20, and Mike and Julia hit 25.  Mom and Dad are celebrating 60 years of being married!  So each of the couples had to answer questions.  The winners?  John and Jackie.  Mom said they won because they are so recently married they can remember the answers.

The next game was for the generations (birthdays).  We had the parents, the sandwich generation, and the kids.  Each group answered questions about the year that was the average of their birth years.  The parents answered for 1935, the sandwiches for 1960, and the kids for 1996.  Once again the younger generation got the most answers correct.

Our final game was “how well do you know . . .” with questions directed at moms, dads, and in-laws.  Some of the answers were easy and others were surprising.  Mom and Dad came away with the prize for this game.

Steve also gave us some brain-teasers to try but they proved too hard and it was time for some of the folks to get going.  We took a few quick pictures and then headed out until the next time.

Our Super Duper Everything Party was super duper fun!  And the family fix we needed to keep us going until we are back in Ohio in November.  Fortunately we have many ways to keep in touch between now and then.