Thank You WeBoost

This blog post is brought to you courtesy of WeBoost.  What is WeBoost?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

kings and crowders 001We arrived at our RV spot at Kings Mountain, SC, on Thursday.  Kings Mountain is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We met our boss and some of the people with whom we will be working.  We made it up the twisty, uphill drive to the RV spot.  Then we tried to get a cell signal.  One bar.  One bar is enough to send texts and sometimes to make a phone call, but my first phone call home to my parents got dropped twice before we completed our conversation.  One bar is worse than no bars because you know you have something – you just don’t have much.

Writing the blog takes more than one bar of cell phone service (we use the cell phones as hotspots for the internet).  I need at least three bars to be able to upload pictures and keep a good enough connection to respond to comments.  I want to stay on top of responding to comments since I was attacked by spammers and have to get rid of ten spam comments every day and approve your nothing-like-spam comments before they can be posted.  I wrote my post on Sunday, but it was painful – just uploading one picture took almost 30 minutes.  I like pictures, so that was unacceptable.  Tom and I both like to surf the internet and one bar was not going to cut it.

41JmJ8iM4ZL._SX425_Enter WeBoost.  WeBoost is a cell phone signal booster.  We found one at the Camping World in Spartansburg and picked up a WeBoost 4G RV today.  Tom set up the exterior antenna, hooked up the interior antenna, turned on the power and suddenly my one bar cell signal went to four bars!  Yay!  Thanks WeBoost!  Thanks Tom!  I can blog again!

WeBoost strengthens an existing signal but it won’t give us a signal when there isn’t any.  It will help us in most of the places we stay – but it wouldn’t have done anything for us in Death Valley because the cell signal was non-existent.  Now, here in Kings Mountain, I can talk on the phone, blog, and surf and know that the cell signal will stay strong.  Tom and I can be on the internet at the same time.  I can upload pictures again.  I am a happy camper.

By the way – here is a trivia fact for today.  The singular noun antenna is just one of the feelers on a bug’s head — a sensory wand the insect waves around to check out its surroundings. The plural of this antenna is antennae.  The singular noun antenna is also the thing on top of your television or radio in the olden days. The plural of this antenna is antennas.   Thought you might like to know so you use these plurals correctly in the future!