Towel Animals Invade Stateroom!

One thing that is always fun on a cruise is the towel animals that invade the staterooms every night.  Our steward created the animals when he came to turn down the bed.  Every evening we enjoyed returning to the room to see what fanciful creature would have pride of place on our bed.

Usually the towel animals are made out of a hand towel with a washcloth occasionally added for detail.  Our steward on the Hawaii cruise had to be even more creative because it was such a long cruise.  He probably has seven or eight simpler animals he does on all the cruises.  But our towel animals got more elaborate as we went along.

Tom once took a towel folding class on a previous cruise but he forgot what he learned almost immediately.  I can make “Boo-Boo Bunny” out of a washcloth or make a kitchen angel out of a towel, dishcloth and hot pad.  That, however, is the extent of our creativity with towel animals.

We found a book in the ship library on 40 towel creations published by Holland America.  Our steward, however, insisted he did not use the book but made up his own.  I took pictures of all the towel animals so you could see our steward’s creativity and attention to detail.  So here is the gallery of the nightly invasion of animals made out of towels.

Simple stingray
Sea turtle
Monkey was hanging from window
Not sure what this is
Big bunny
  • Kristine Moye

    Adorable! Some of them look like stuffed animals.

    • revkaren54

      Our steward was so talented! His sense of humor really came through in the animals.