Towers Trail Bike Path in Westerville

Tom and I are so blessed to live close to the extensive bike trail system in Westerville and Columbus.  The Towers Trail is one of the bike paths we explored on a nice day in November.  Westerville alone has 51 miles of bike trails, all of them paved and connected to one another.

We started by riding our bike across US 3 to the Ohio and Erie Trail.  We headed south into Westerville, turning on Maxtown Road.  Although we knew we could pick up Towers Trail there, we couldn’t find the signs, so we rode down McCorkle Rd and turned at Hoff Woods Park.  Once we reached the east side of the park, we found Towers Trail.

Towers Trail goes underneath the huge power lines that bring electricity to Westerville.  The city set up a series of beautiful parks under the power lines.  Even though there are all kinds of housing developments along the corridor, there is this wonderful green space that people can enjoy right out their back doors.  As long as you aren’t worried about electromagnetic fields.

We rode through Towers Park, along a lovely lake, and through Spring Grove North Park.  It was a beautiful day and lots of people were out enjoying the warmth and sunshine.  We ended up at Hoover Reservoir, right across the street from the Hoover Garden Center.

At that point we turned around and headed home.  It was easier to stay on Towers Trail on the way back, and we found the back way around Hoff Woods Park and up to Maxtown Road.  We ended up riding fourteen miles and took a leisurely 1.5 hours to do it.  Part of that time was spent crossing busy Maxtown Road, which is a place you definitely want to obey all of the crossing signs.

The Towers Trail is a wonderful trail to ride and we are so pleased that it is so close.  Having all these recreational opportunities on our doorstep has made riding out the pandemic much easier.