Transwest Truck Trailer and RV of Kansas City

After we got our axle repaired while sitting in the QT parking lot, our service guy recommended we get new tires, new bearings, and wheel alignment before heading back to Ohio.  Not knowing any businesses in Kansas City we asked for a recommendation.  He suggested Transwest Truck Trailer and RV of Kansas City.

Turns out that Kansas City is huge trucking hub and they have great service technicians to go with it.  If our axle and tire were going to blow up, Kansas City was certainly the place to do it.  We had our choice of repair places, but Transwest consistently came out on top.  So we called and made an appointment at Transwest before the axle was even repaired.

The earliest we could get in was Thursday of the week after the axle broke – ten days.  When we first made the appointment, it seemed like a long time to wait.  But after six days in the QT it was much closer than it had been at the start of the week.

Tom and I decided to stop in at Transwest Truck Trailer and RV of Kansas City before we took in the RV.  After the problem getting the parts for the axle repair, we didn’t want the RV to end up at Transwest waiting for parts.  We knew exactly what we needed and working with the parts person at Transwest was delightful.  He was very knowledgeable and ordered our parts so they would be there when we had our service appointment.  We also worked with a tire place recommended by Transwest.  We ordered the tires and were assured that Transwest would call them as soon as we came in.

Transwest Truck Trailer and RV of Kansas City was definitely the biggest service place Tom and I have ever been.  There are 18 bays just for RV repairs.  Another building is dedicated to semi-truck repairs.  Beautiful and expensive RVs line the area around the service buildings.  A third building had interior RV parts for repairs.

On the Thursday of our appointment, we hooked up the RV and left it in front of one of the service bays.  We checked in with our service technician who promptly pulled the RV into the bay.  Tom and I headed to the service waiting area in the interior RV building.

Most people drop off their RVs for repair and then leave, so Tom and I were the only ones in the service waiting area.  After a couple of hours the tire guy came in and we signed the invoice for the new tires – already installed!  We took a walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch and then headed back to the service area.  By three the RV was completely done and we were checked out.  I couldn’t believe how simple and easy it was!

Transwest Truck Trailer and RV of Kansas City was our best experience with RV repair.  Next time we need work done we will definitely choose Transwest.  It would be worth the trip to Missouri.  There are also Transwest service places in Colorado.  Now, if we can only convince them to open a Transwest in Ohio!