Two Months in Ohio Flying By

When you say you have two months in a place, it may sound like a lot of time to spend.  But when it actually comes down to it, two months flies by, especially when you are sick for about three weeks out of the two months.  Almost at the end of our time in Ohio for this year, and it feels like we haven’t been here any time at all.  We haven’t done half the things we wanted to.

We were going to go to the Ohio History Center with Mom and Dad.  But then we all got sick and had to put that idea on hold.  I wanted to go to Steubenville to see the Nutcrackers.  But we only have two more weeks and Christmas and all kinds of people still to see.  We had a long list of people to see and there are still people on the list we won’t get to on this visit.  So much to do, so little time.

But we have done a lot while we are in Ohio.  I will be telling you about a lot of things we have done over the next few weeks.  I like to write about the people and places in Ohio when we are gone because it makes me feel closer to the people we left behind.

A 32,000 piece puzzle for sale at the Book Loft!

During our two months in Ohio, we didn’t do a lot of new things.  But we ate at some new restaurants and took care of a lot of stuff that needed taking care of.  I never write about doctor, dentist, or eye doctor visits, but we always hit those during our November and December in Ohio.  For some reason I don’t take pictures of us doing perfectly ordinary things.  We spent lots of time with my parents and at least one day a week with John and Jackie.  We returned to some favorite places, such as the Book Loft in German Village.  Driving up and down I-71 to see everyone meant we were always looking for the cheapest diesel.

We repaired the furnaces in the RV and got new tires on the truck.  Our personal banker at Chase got a visit.  And we made plans and arrangements for our extended trip out of the country this next year.  I always have blog posts to write and books to read.  Every now and then I tell Tom, “I thought I would have more time for reading when I retired!”  Ha!  I did get all the Christmas shopping and wrapping done.  Decorating the RV is always a breeze but we helped Mom and Dad decorate their tree and put up a nativity at John and Jackie’s house.

The two months flew by – it is never enough time.  We just have the week of Christmas to go, and then we will be heading south.  I will be glad to be out of the cold, but I will miss the people we leave behind.