Waiting Out the Government Shutdown

As I mentioned yesterday, Tom and I are waiting out the government shutdown, hoping to be able to go to work at Fort Frederica National Monument soon.  We did not anticipate the shutdown would last so long, and it does not appear that it will end soon.  So, what are we doing as we wait for the shutdown to end?

First, we decided to come to Georgia while waiting out the shutdown.  We are staying in a very nice RV park in Brunswick where we are paying for our site weekly.  We are not happy about paying for the site, because we should be staying for free at Fort Frederica, but there isn’t anything we can do about it.

St. Simon’s Beach

Second, Tom and I decided to come to Georgia instead of staying in Ohio because the weather is much better here.  So every day we are getting plenty of exercise.  We walk on the beach or in the neighborhood.  We even walk around Fort Frederica when we go to St. Simon’s Island.

Third, we bought an annual pass for Jekyll Island.  While we are waiting, we figured we would be looking for new places to explore.  Although we have been to Jekyll Island, we have only seen parts of it.  The shutdown gives us the chance to be over there more often, especially since the RV park is closer to Jekyll than St. Simon’s.

Jekyll Island Beach

Fourth, we are doing lots of reading and writing.  I am reading a book a day and doing some writing which I usually claim I am too busy to get to.  I guess if the shutdown goes on long enough, I might finish writing a book!

Fifth, as the waiting continues, we explore places a little further afield.  We went to Florida on Friday to explore Amelia Island (post about that later).  We have been to Blythe Island a couple of times, hiking along their extensive trails system.  Who knows how far away we will get before the shutdown is over?

Tom and I don’t have any problem keeping ourselves busy, but we would rather be working.  Tom said he was going to end the shutdown today.  He is going to take the tandem bike off the back of the RV and get it ready to ride.  He has been resisting doing this until we get to our “living place.”  So, if the shutdown ends on the day you read this, you will know who was really responsible for it ending.

Waiting is not my strong suit.  I hate uncertainty, and I especially hate the refusal of Congress and our President to do their job in governing.  But while we wait, we are safe, we have enough, and we are finding things to do.