Zuzus: Best Burgers on St Simons Island

Last week Tom and I ate at Zuzus in Pier Village.  I don’t know what Zuzus means or stands for, but this little hole-in-the wall restaurant on St. Simons Island has the best burgers!  We used to think Certified Burgers had the best, but found out they put way too much salt in their meat.  That’s a no-no for those of us trying to watch the sodium in our diets.  So we have been trying to find another great burger on the island for two years.  Several people recommended Zuzus, so we finally tried it.

Ranger Michael told us Zuzus had the best burgers the first year we were here.  But when we looked at the restaurant, we were put off by its appearance.  It looks like a dive that hasn’t been updated for 40 years.  Even though we enjoy diners, we appreciate ones that occasionally buy new tables and benches.  Zuzus doesn’t try to be more than it is:  a burger joint with great burgers.

We went in and seated ourselves in a booth.  The waiter / cashier brought us menus and took our drink order.  He was not particularly attentive.  We had to ask him to come back to take our order.  I got the “Take Five” burger and Tom got the “Blue Sky” burger.  We noticed they were a little loose with spelling on the menu:  burger is spelled “burguer” and pickle is spelled “pickel.”  I got onion rings and Tom got fries on the side.

When the food came it was hot, fresh, and delicious.  They didn’t add any extra salt, which was a big plus in our eyes.  Tom’s fries were so hot that we had to wait to eat them.  The burgers were huge and just greasy enough to be yummy.  I cut mine in half and had a meal for another day.  The onion rings don’t look like much in the picture, but they were very good.

Zuzus also has ice cream, but it is some off brand and didn’t look very good.  None of the flavor names on the glass matched the actual ice cream in the cooler, so I couldn’t tell what they were.  One of the ice creams was a neon blue.  I have no idea what flavor that could be.  If we want ice cream we will get it down the street at another place.

Ever since we ate at Zuzus, Tom has wanted to go back.  He keeps asking me when we can go there again.  I guess that is as good a recommendation as anything else.  We both agree that these are the best burgers we have had on the island.