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Coast Salish Cultural Heritage Day

This week at English Camp we had some special visitors.  A group of Coast Salish people came to share their heritage with us for Coast Salish Cultural Heritage Day. Long before the British set up English Camp, the ancestors of the Coast Salish fished and sought shelter in Garrison Bay.  The Bay is a protected …

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Colonial Day at Fort Frederica

On Saturday, March 25, we celebrated the 281st anniversary of the founding of Fort Frederica with a Colonial Day Celebration.  Tom and I participated in the Colonial Day by being part of the living history team demonstrating and interacting with folks. Tom was part of the Heron Company in Oglethorpe’s 42nd Regiment of Foot.  Six …

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Ocmulgee National Monument

Ocmulgee National Monument is the final national park site we saw on our three day trip through southern Georgia.  Ocmulgee is in Macon – the geographic center of the state.  It is the site of 10,000 years of occupation by Indians, from Ice Age hunters to Creeks.  Between 900 and 1100 the Mississippian culture dominated …

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