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Cleaning the Library Floor

Fort Frederica may be closed, but Tom and I are still working on various projects.  One project we undertook together last week was cleaning the library floor. Many years ago, no one knows how many, someone used a double sided duct tape to tape the rug in the library to the beautiful hardwood floor.  Soon …

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Curatorial Building Gets New Roof

Over the weekend, the curatorial building at Fort Frederica National Monument got a new roof.  It really needed a new roof.  The old, shingle roof had spots that were leaking, and it was covered with moss. So, early Saturday morning, a roofing crew came and started working on the roof of the curatorial building.  I …

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Tent for our Three-Ring Circus

One of the projects we did here at Fort Frederica National Monument was put up a big tent.  We sometimes say it is like a three-ring circus around here, so a tent seemed appropriate.  The tent is intended to protect the archaeological dig that begins in May and will last through the summer.  Our boss, …

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