Barn Restaurant in Smithville, Ohio

One of our favorite places to meet people has long been The Barn Restaurant in Smithville, Ohio.  We have been there many times – it was halfway between Mom and Dad and us when we lived in Akron.  But I realized when we went there in November that I have not written a blog post about it – yet.

The Barn Restaurant is a repurposed barn at the edge of Smithville.  When it first opened, it was just a restaurant and event center, but now it also has shops around it.  In addition to the restaurant, there is an antique shop, a toy shop, a general store, and a new children’s play area.  But the restaurant remains the same with the antique farm item decor and delicious food.

We went to The Barn Restaurant with Mom and Dad and met my Aunt Anne and Uncle Paul there.  They live close by and we enjoy eating there, so it was a good place to meet.  My favorite part of the restaurant is the extensive salad bar that includes homemade soups and breads.  All of us ordered the Senior salad bar ($1 off) except my uncle Paul who ordered a burger.

The “old time salad wagon” has 30 items with items on both sides of the wagon.  This is nice because you can walk down either side and get the same things.  They have the usual salad items but also a variety of potato, pasta, and jello salads.  I especially like the pickled eggs and beets.  I also tried the broccoli cheese soup with noodles and the chili.  Both were delicious.  The breads include homemade cornbread, white and wheat.  Tom likes to get a slice of wheat bread and cover it with an inch of apple butter.

Salad wagon


We all enjoyed our lunches so much that we didn’t save room for dessert.  The desserts at The Barn Restaurant are excellent and I’ve enjoyed many slices of homemade pie there.

If you are heading to Wooster or visiting Smuckers, The Barn Restaurant is an excellent place for lunch or supper.