Beachcomber BBQ and Grill on St Simons Island

While Mom and Dad were on the island, we ate out a lot.  We all enjoy eating at new places and St Simons Island has plenty of restaurants to try.  The final place we ate before Mom and Dad left was the Beachcomber BBQ and Grill.

Mom and Dad discovered this small “hole in the wall” restaurant on one of their walks around their neighborhood so they were eager to show us.  They know how much we like BBQ.  Beachcomber BBQ and Grill is one of those places the locals don’t like to advertise.  The locals know where it is and if you let all the tourists know, it won’t be the same.

Located just off the beach, Beachcomber BBQ and Grill is a very relaxed place with more outdoor than indoor seating.  They have a sign on the door, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem!”  People are welcome to come in swimsuits and eat or get a sandwich to go.  The menu features a variety of BBQ from pulled pork to ribs.  The smoker is just outside and was going full blast the day we ate there.

All of us ordered a pulled pork sandwich with various sides.  I got the baked beans and side salad.  Tom got fries and coleslaw.  Dad ordered potato salad.  Sauces were at the table with several choices ranging from sweet to spicy.  Although we didn’t order any dessert, they had sweet potato pie.  I was tempted to get a piece even though I don’t like sweet potatoes just because I have never had it.  The food was good but nothing special.  It was nice to be able to walk from Mom and Dad’s apartment.

A variety of seating
Inside by the bar
Great company

If you want a quick and filling bite to eat without being fancy, Beachcomber BBQ is a great place to go.