Best World Series Game Ever!

tribe1My family was very excited about the Cleveland Indians getting into the World Series.  Mom had Indians fever genetically installed in each of us so, whether they are winning or losing, we are fans.  But it is a lot more fun to be a fan of a team that is winning.  I was excited when the Indians clinched the division but watching them win against Boston and Toronto upped the ante.  And they won both series in such commanding fashion.

I tried to get tickets to the World Series.  John tried and Jackie tried.  We wanted to take my mom and dad to a world series game.  But we weren’t able to get tickets through the Indians and tickets on stubhub were close to $1500 EACH.  Yikes!  We decided watching on television would have to be good enough.

imagesDuring the playoff games I texted my brother, sister, parents, John and Jackie.  They probably got tired of my comments, but it was my way of “watching” the game with them.  So there were plenty of texts going back and forth during the first four games of the World Series.  The Indians had a commanding 3 games to 1 lead.  They only had to win one more game.  What could go wrong?

Oh yeah – it’s Cleveland.  Chicago (the favored team by everyone according to the media) came back to even up the series.  But still.  Game 7 in Cleveland.  Corey Kluber pitching.

I almost wrote the Indians off when the Cubs were ahead 5 to 1 after the top of the 5th.  Kluber was tired.  Miller looked like he was throwing batting practice.  The Indians haven’t come back from a deficit like that in a playoff game.  But they scored two in the bottom of the 5th, giving me hope.  Then the bullpen held and the Indians tied the game in the bottom of the 8th.  All they needed was one run in the 9th and they would win the World Series.

Except they didn’t score that one run.  That’s okay, I thought, we’ll get them in the 10th, which is when an act of God intervened.  Only an act of God could have made the Cubs win the World Series.  With the momentum firmly on the Indians side and the (outnumbered) Indians fans back in the game – a 17 minute rain delay.  ARGH!

indianShaw went to work in the top of the 10th and gave up two runs.  I knew the game was over.  But the Indians scored a run and the go-ahead run came up to bat.  And the Indians lost.  Lost.  Again.  The Cubs won the World Series and the Cubs fans are still celebrating.  Did anyone in Chicago even go to work today?

I wanted the Indians to win and I am disappointed they didn’t but . . .  It was the greatest world series game ever.  Two teams that have gone so long without a championship.  Everyone expected the Cubs to win.  The Indians were the underdogs the whole season, but they kept coming back.  They came back when two of their starting pitchers were injured.  They came back when Brantley got hurt in the 12th game of the season.  They came back despite the lack of superstars on the team.  They came back with one of the lowest payrolls in Major League Baseball.  They played their hardest and won game after game when no one expected them to.  Manager Terry Francona used his players brilliantly all season long.

gettyimages-619360640The Cleveland Indians did not win the World Series.  Manager Terry Francona said, “The team tried until there was nothing left.”  They gave it everything they had.

The World Series Game 7 was the greatest baseball game I have ever seen.  With everything on the line, the Indians played their hearts out.  So did the Cubs.  The fans – both sides – cheered their hearts out.  The Cubs deserved the victory this year.  And, for Cleveland fans, once again there is next year.  That’s okay.  This year – and this game – is one I will always remember.