Big Walnut Grill in Sunbury, Ohio

When my parents came down to visit on my birthday, we had lunch at the Big Walnut Grill in Sunbury, Ohio.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day.  Totally unseasonable for November 10.  Because it was so nice, we were able to eat on the large, open patio at the restaurant.  It was lovely to sit, take our time, and order from a waitress.

Big Walnut Grill is located in the same shopping area as the Krogers we go to, so we had seen it several times.  The patio was busy through the summer.  Inside, the restaurant has a lot of flat screen televisions and looks like a great place to watch a football game or hang out.  Unfortunately, because of Covid, we are not eating in restaurants.  But finding one with a nice patio that we could enjoy on a beautiful day was a birthday bonus.

The patio was full, but the tables were spaced out so we didn’t feel crowded or unsafe.  Only one waitress was working for the entire restaurant (they weren’t expecting such a nice day when they made the schedule) and she was super busy.  But we weren’t in a hurry, so we just sat back and enjoyed each other and the sunshine.

When the waitress came to get our order, she recommended the special of smoked meatloaf.  Mom and Dad decided to share one order of that.  Tom and I shared a grilled chicken sandwich.  We all wanted to save room for dessert so we didn’t want to eat too much.  Our entrees were delicious.  Mom said the meatloaf was the best she has ever had, which is pretty high praise.  Our shared sandwich was also very good, with tender and moist chicken and crispy warm fries.  None of us felt deprived from sharing our entrees.

After a leisurely meal, we ordered deep dish chocolate cookies with ice cream for dessert.  They also had double chocolate cookies and oatmeal raisin, but we stuck with the traditional.  Although it took a while for the cookies to come, it was worth the wait.  They were so good!  Tom and I shared one and Mom and Dad shared one.  We ate up every bite and crumb.

We enjoyed our meal at Big Walnut Grill very much.  Tom and I plan on getting takeout from there soon.  There were lots of delicious looking things on the menu.  We probably won’t bring home a deep dish cookie, however.  Those are best straight out of the oven with ice cream melting on top.  We will have to wait for another one of those until we can safely eat in the restaurant.