Blog Birthday

Working on the blog
Working on the blog

Hard on the heels of our 34th anniversary is the one year blog birthday!  One year ago today I went “live” with the blog.  I had written some entries, which you can read, before June 2, but I went live on June 2, 2014, and have been committed to writing five times a week ever since.  278 posts later, I still haven’t run out of things to write about.  I went from just a handful of readers per day, to 100 per month.  Now my tech adviser tells me that I am getting over 1,200 hits per month!

Writing the blog has been an adventure and a challenge.  It is definitely a time commitment because each post takes at least an hour.  When I was in Death Valley, I had to write all five posts during the week, transfer them to a travel drive, and then put them on the blog on the one day a week I had internet access.  Argh!

And when I started it was such a shot in the dark.  Would anyone be interested enough in what I felt like writing to keep reading?  Would I run out of ideas?  Would I get tired of doing it?  Would you get tired of reading?  It has been interesting to hear from people about the blog over the course of the last year.  Some people really like the “worship experience” articles.  Others really like the book reviews.  Some people skip the blog on days I post a review but read all the articles about traveling.  Some of you take time to respond – and I love to hear from you!  Others of you stay in contact in other ways.

Knowing that there are people out there that are reading and enjoying keeping up with our adventures has made the challenge worth the effort.  This last year has been a big “stepping out of the boat” in so many ways.  Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and encouraging me to keep writing.

How long will I keep writing the blog?  I will keep writing as long as it is fun and as long as someone out there is reading it.

cotrail 022So Happy Blog Birthday!  Thank you for sharing horizons with me!