Bush N Vine in York, South Carolina

Beautiful zinnias in front of Bush N Vine
Beautiful zinnias in front of Bush N Vine

img_3759Tom and I had talked about stopping at the Bush N Vine several times.  We would pass it on our way to York.  But we always drove past it, until our adventure day last week.  We went to York to fill up on diesel fuel.  The Marathon station in York consistently has the lowest fuel prices:  close to $2 a gallon for the past year.  So, on our way home, we finally stopped at Bush N Vine.

img_3755Bush N Vine is a farm market for the Hall family farm.  The Hall family has owned their farm for over 150 years, passing it down from one generation to another.  It was originally a peach farm, but when Bob Hall took over the farm, he expanded to other fruits and vegetables.  He converted the peach packing shed into a store to sell the family produce.  Today the farm market sells locally grown Angus beef, honey from the farm’s hives, and locally packaged canned food.

img_3760When we visited the Bush N Vine in November, we weren’t expecting much in the way of local produce.  Maybe some pumpkins and gourds.  But we were pleasantly surprised to find a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Bush N Vine grows winter blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries and they looked delicious.  The blackberries were the biggest I have ever seen!  There were also six varieties of apples from the apple trees on the farm.  They had a variety of fresh lettuces and cabbage.  We had a discussion with one of the farm workers about edible gourds.  I couldn’t resist buying a jar of Caramel Pecan Apple Butter.

img_3761The Bush N Vine has a Community Supported Agriculture program where you can buy a share of the farm.  For a one-time price, you pick up a weekly package of fresh produce for seven weeks.  You can pick your season and even buy shares year round.  In the spring you can get strawberries, broccoli, asparagus, and kale.  In the summer you can get blueberries, plums, peaches, sweet corn, and nectarines.  In the fall you can get green beans, cabbage, pumpkins, and cauliflower.

img_3762I wish that we had visited the Bush N Vine when we were at Kings Mountain last winter.  I certainly would have taken advantage of their delicious produce on a weekly basis!