That One Sports Show

toss-1024x1024When Tom and I are traveling, as we did this week coming back to Ohio, we like to listen to our favorite podcast:  “That One Sports Show.”  It keeps us up to date on the latest in sports, especially sports in Ohio.  And it is hosted by one of our favorite people – John Hartley!

Actually, “That One Sports Show” is co-hosted by John and his good friend Geoff Peterfy.  They started doing a sports show together when they were both at Ohio Northern University.  They also did play by play commentary for football, basketball, baseball, and softball games so they know quite a bit about a variety of sports.

“That One Sports Show” is about an hour long show put out weekly.  You can listen to it in segments.  The show is roughly divided into four 15-minute segments that cover different subjects.  Every week they start with the “Grab Bag” where they go over picks from the previous week, discuss a “would you rather” and explain a rule in some sport.  John and Geoff’s favorite subject is football, so right now they often have a segment on NCAA football and a segment on NFL football.  Sometimes there is a segment on the history of a sport that I find especially interesting.

In addition to the podcast, John maintains a great web page that has all kinds of interesting videos.  He and Geoff also write insightful articles from time to time.  You can also check out their Facebook page.  Tom really likes the NFL pick-em page where he gets to enter his picks for who will win each week and see how he does with the other people who play.

When we listen to the podcast, we feel like we are sitting in the living room talking with friends about sports.  John and Geoff have lots of good insights because they spend a lot of time thinking about their subjects.  They also welcome listener input.  You can suggest subjects for them to discuss or ask questions that they are glad to answer on the show.  They have been doing the podcast for over a year and have worked out the kinks.  Their discussions move along and having the segments allows us to skip topics that are out of date when we go several weeks without internet service.

If you like to listen to sports, check out “That One Sports Show.”  You can subscribe on iTunes.  Stop by the Facebook page and say hi – tell them John’s mother sent you!