Busy Bees Invade Ohio

When Tom and I are back in Ohio, we are always busy bees, buzzing around trying to get everything done.  This last visit we were only in Ohio for three weeks and it seemed like we buzzed around even faster than usual.

Because of Tom’s broken finger, we visited a hand specialist in Columbus who put Tom on a regimen of physical therapy.  Once a week he went to the therapist and did his exercises every day.  I never thought about fingers needing physical therapy, but Tom is still doing it.  Two days before we left Ohio, the hand specialist declared the finger healed.  Tom doesn’t have to wear a splint any more and his finger is doing very well.

We had our regular check-ups and Tom got his lowest blood pressure reading ever, which pleased all of us.  The low-sodium diet we follow isn’t particularly restrictive and we feel good that being careful is keeping our blood pressures down.  We also visited the dentist, where I found that this year’s change in my health insurance means that wellness visits to the dentist are no longer covered.  Surprise!

We had a couple of shopping days.  Heading into the wilds of Arizona, we knew we would be far away from major shopping areas.  Columbus, however, is packed with shopping areas, so we picked up lots of things while we were there.  I got a couple new shirts at LL Bean.  Tom got a Rogue weight bag that he can fill with sand or gravel when we are parked so he doesn’t have to carry weights with us.

The busy bees took the truck in for its six-month check-up and then went back to pick up additional engine coolant fluid.  When the service department replaced the engine coolant, it had some bubbles in it.  For several days it told us “engine coolant low” so we added the engine coolant until it was at the right level and all the bubbles dispersed.

Several other things needed to be fixed with the RV.  We had a ghost light that would mysteriously turn itself on.  Tom tried several different things and finally unsoldered the connection at the light panel.  No more step light coming on in the middle of the night!  We got the RV washed and waxed so that the finish would stand up to the desert sun.  Tom and I washed the screens and the inside windows and now we enjoy unimpeded views.

Continuing as busy bees, we helped John and Jackie and my parents with yard work and other jobs around the house.  We also took time for playing games and putting together puzzles.  John and Jackie took us to see “The Black Panther” which was good but not great.  Mom and I got in a little cello-piano time.

Finally, we took time with family and friends.  We shared lots of good meals with the usual suspects.  The busy bees especially appreciate people who will meet us in the middle so we don’t have to drive as much.  Wendy met us in Ashland.  The Vargas met us in Mansfield.  Deborah came all the way to Delaware.  And we met our Akron friends in Fairlawn.  Good friends with whom we can share a meal and lots of laughter are a special blessing.

Leaving Ohio and the people we love is always difficult.  But we are blessed to have these wonderful people who are present in our lives even when we are far away.  We got so many things done in such a short time.  The busy bees buzzed until they buzzed out of town and on to their next adventure.