Reading Signs Along the Road

When Tom and I are out and about we are always on the lookout for amusing, confusing, or interesting signs.  We find signs along the road, in parking lots, and in campgrounds.  Tom especially looks out for “stick figure warning man.”  We find him in all kinds of desperate situations!  Part of the fun of our nomadic lifestyle  is reading signs along the road.

I wrote two previous posts about reading signs along the road.  The first was in August 2015, and you can read that post here.  The second was about 18 months later, in January 2017 – click here for the link.  I seem to be writing about signs every 18 months.  Tom found a special, fancy word for doing something every year and a half – sesquiennual – but I think every 18 months works better.

So here are some of the signs we have seen in the last 18 months.  I’ll start with “stick figure warning man:”

A fun, leisure activity before getting back to dangerous work
But golf carts can be dangerous
Swept out to sea
Flying projectiles
Cleaning up

Some signs telling you what to do (or not do):

Only ocean beyond this point
Susannah Wesley’s rules for children
Darn lawyers
Totally agree!
Double trash back
I didn’t want to tap dance on the table until you forbade it
Be an aware biker
Seen in Seattle. I have no idea what these mean
Love the instructions in dog
Because 10 is too fast
So is 9 7/8
Because previous speed limit was too fast
And cliff

And some funny signs trying to get your business:

Store in Savannah, GA
Next to previous store
Hmmm. Wonder what it tastes like?
Another unusual food
Love the name of this bug
The best fudge comes from Uranus
Bumper sticker seen on San Juan Island, WA
Another San Juan sighting
You must be here if you are reading this sign
Dead horse
Whoa and Go!
Ice Cream!
Good to know
Love this!
Didn’t try this

Those are the funny, odd, and unusual signs we have seen along the road in the last 18 months.  How about you?  Have you been reading signs?