Capital Diner in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you like old-fashioned diners, Harrisburg is a great place to go.  We had several of them within a few miles of our campground.  We decided to try the one that was always busiest:  Capital Diner.

Capital Diner looks like an old-fashioned diner from the outside, but inside it is a step up.  There is the requisite counter and booths.  An additional area, however takes it to the next step.  I can imagine the diner was so busy that they added this spacious dining room.  The parking lot was always packed, so we knew it had to be a good place to go.  In fact, we often wondered how all those people fit in the small building.

But the building was larger inside than it appeared on the outside.  I think that is partly because of the diner appearance – you expect a diner to be a certain size.  We waited a few minutes for a table on a Sunday morning and there was even more of a line when we left.  There isn’t a lot of floor space, so watching the waitresses weave around between the tables and chairs is a form of entertainment.

Tom and I both ordered breakfast.  I had a waffle with bacon.  Tom had an omelette.  Our waitress was good and the the food was warm and delicious.  It was also reasonably priced.  Some people have left bad reviews of Capital Diner – it seems the waitress has a lot of do with how good their experience was.  Maybe they need to train the waitstaff better.  But we had a good experience and enjoyed our meal very much.

The Capital Diner is open 24 hours a day, which is common for diners.  That is part of the fun of a diner – being able to stop by in the middle of the night.  But I also liked going in the morning.  There are lots of diners in Harrisburg and we enjoyed our meal at the Capital Diner.